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What We Do

Basing Our Reputation On Your Success

Capital Assets, Inc. concentrates on establishing and maintaining the image of your property. And that comes down to the kind of experience each property manager has with the on-site staff and the property.

Success in the details-that-spell-success results from a combination of factors. One is our commitment to providing you with trained personnel who are involved in monthly continuing education. Another is development of a complete market study of competitive properties as a benchmark from which to evaluate how to be competitive in attracting and keeping good residents. We keep abreast of trends with an eye to their impact on your competitive position.

Capital Assets, Inc. doesn't have a magic formula. What we have is a personal commitment to image development, backed by the experience and depths of resources to take your property to its highest earnings potential.

Building On Our Primary Assets

If we talk a lot about our people, it's because they are that important to our success. Background. Skills. Personality. A tough side; a soft side. Closing deals is above all, a "people skill."

We could go on and on about our combined years of experience. About who we know and where we went to school and what companies we used to work for. But those aren't necessarily the things that you need or want to know. Therefore, we'll let our people speak for themselves

From Viable To Profitable

Our commitment to income-property owners is a straightforward one: we manage and lease by the owner's standards. We don't force your company into our mold. Rather, we customize our skills, talents and reporting to the owner's needs.

Using our professional skills as property managers and established tools such as our custom-tailored monthly leasing and financial reports; our computerized energy management system; our comprehensive office market survey which we maintain and update quarterly, we develop a plan based on objective criteria.

Our "philosophy" position ensures our objectivity; our credentials (including Certified Property Management designations) and track record verify our ability to produce results in accordance with your goals.

Channeling The Forces Of Supply And Demand

The marketplace is replete with buyers and sellers. It is the ability to match lessor (or buyer) with seller - at agreeable terms - that sets Capital Assets apart.

How do we do it? Through contacts developed over 30 years in the real estate business and a Strategic Alliance with Tooman Partners. With the contacts and the Alliance we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of who's in the market and what they are looking for. Research, that documents what's available, at what price, for what terms.

Our mission is to channel the demand to the supply. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task for a layman. It is what we do - with success - day in and day out.

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