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Our Story

Since 1979, the emphasis has been managing mostly existing properties, with the emphasis on adding value, through renovation, and or management philosophy. The company started with a portfolio of one 120-unit property and by the end of the year, it grew to 551 units consisting of 5 properties. Within five years, the company grew to 1,872 units consisting of 22 properties. The largest portfolio managed by Capital Assets came in the spring of 2007 totaling 5,200 units. Presently, the company manages approximately 4,300 units.

The company philosophy has been to work with a select group of individual partners and investors, on specific property investments, so as to maintain focus on detail and profitability. Our goals are to maximize profitability, to seize the opportunity to sell the properties when the market has reached its peak and reinvest this money into other properties. We have worked for banks, life companies, 501-C3’s, foundations, and many investment groups. Also, we have partnered with numerous investor groups, and some S&L’s in the 80’s. (See client list and client investment case studies in this presentation).

Capital’s Chairman of the Board and founder, Royce Wright, has been in the real estate business for 48 years, and is a CPM. He has served as the President of the Oklahoma Multi-Family Housing Association, and the Tulsa Apartment Association. Greg Wright, his son, is President, and is a partner in the company as well. Greg graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Real Estate and Finance, and has served twice as the President of the Tulsa Apartment Association and served as the President of IREM- Tulsa.

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